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Frying Tahu : View of Spirituality Through Illustration Works from Two Poles

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4 July 2013, 19:00 pm

5-11 July 2013

Frying Tahu (“tahu” means “beancurd” in Indonesian, but can also means “to know”) is an exploration that aims to have a self confrontation between individuals who have different backgrounds in their shoulders, about some of the main concept of life. Through these concepts, the way we see and process certain phenomenon and lifestyle are based on: Spirituality and Assumption/Supposition.

The action of flipping a tahu while frying(cooking) is an analogy to have reciprocal information flowing instead of just one sided, so an individual does not stay locked to wrong assumptions/suppositions. Without flipping it, the Tahu would get burned/scorched.

This exhibition will show the personal as well as the collaborative works from these illustrators

Illustrators from Italy:
1. Vittorio Angotti
2. Daniele Falcone
3. Riccardo Andrea Morra
4. Sara Radaelli
5. Federico De Cicco
6. Federico Ghidinelli

Illustrators from Indonesia:
1. Iwan Effendi
2. Sweta Kartika
3. Maradita Sutantio
4. Nurul Putri S.
5. Prisanti Myristica
6. Febrianto Pudi Utama

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